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Can Goa Again Become The Next Place To Host India’s Biggest Music Festivals?

As you may know, Goa is the birthplace of Sunburn i.e the biggest electronic music festival in India. Over the past few years, the dance music festival scene in Goa has been suffering due to the organizers failing to pay the amount due. But also because of many other reasons including Government taking long to respond to the issues, not only Sunburn but also another festival named Vh1 Supersonic decided to move to Pune to hold their future events.

But despite of all the problems, Manohar Ajgaonkar who is the Tourism Minister of Goa said that he is fine with any electronic music festivals taking place in Goa as long as the organizers keeps their end of promise and pay any arrears. Even though the government received a written letter from Percept Live (organisers of Sunburn Music Festival) regarding clearing the issues, the State Government has still not decided whether the music festivals could take place in Goa or not. But, Ajgaonkar didn’t hesitate to say that he’s totally down with any music festival taking place in Goa as It will not only promote tourism but also that music and dance culture is in Goa’s roots.

There is no denying the fact that, there have been problems from both the sides. Organizers complain about high tax rates, high police security charges and delay in approval and answer to the request by the government whereas the Government says that Organizers doesn't pay their arrears. Even after a written petition was filed in October 2016 seeking Goan government to recover any dues from the organizers, the problem has not been settled yet. In addition, the High Court also said that, “the organizers can't bring their festivals to Goa until and unless the arrears have been cleared". We have to wait and see if Manohar Ajgaonkar verdict can bring about any change and whether Sunburn can return to its birthplace.

Check out this short Sunburn 2014 aftermovie and get to know the madness that goes down:

H/T: Times of India