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EDM.com Spotlight

Take an Exclusive First Look at DANGER's Beautiful Music Video for "19:00"! (WATCH)

Take an exclusive early look at DANGER's new music video for the track "19:00" featuring Tasha the Amazon!

The lead single is one of the few tracks on Danger's new Album "太鼓" (Taiko) that has a vocal collaborator. Tasha the Amazon has a chilling voice and does an excellent job narrating over Danger's cinematic sounds. We already talked about how much we love the album and "19:00" specifically. Take a look at the video below and make sure to subscribe!

Danger has been releasing music for a decade has finally released his most complete series of work through his debut album "太鼓". The album is elegantly crafted with more movie like vibes than you can handle. Though it's dark and stormy like previous works, there's a brightness and depth to the album as a whole.

It's personally our favorite Danger release so far we highly recommend you check it out in full. If you liked the video make sure to give it a share! 太鼓 is now available on limited edition 12" double vinyl : http://smarturl.it/dgr005vinyl and in digital : http://smarturl.it/dgr005.