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EDM.com Spotlight

3LAU & Audien Drop Their New Track "Hot Water" Just in Time for EDCLV

Great things always come out of close friendships, but if you both happen to internationally famous DJs, even better things are born from the relationship.

Though 3LAU and Audien both have separate successful careers, they have come together through the power of friendship to create an all new kind of track just in time for EDC Las Vegas. “Hot Water” is the perfect blend of genres, mixing in some darker elements while still delivering their class euphoric vibes that we all know and love.

Also in the mix to help create this track are songwriters Emily Warren, Scott Harris, Alessia Cara, and The Chainsmokers who helped co-write “Hot Water” alongside Audien and 3LAU. Adding to this huge pool of creative talent is also vocalist, Victoria Zaro. Her light vocals mix daringly with the darker sounds of the drop to a rare sound we’ve never seen from these DJ’s before.

In a statement, 3LAU talked about the new collaboration:

"Audien & I wanted to make a song that stayed true to our euphoric roots, but that explored a mixture of genres. We wanted to create something that people wouldn’t expect; the result was this dark cathartic landscape of sound that I couldn’t be more proud of!"

You can stream “Hot Water” online now, or just wait to check it out live in their B2B set at EDCLV on Stage 3 of the Circuit Grounds tonight. If you couldn’t make the trip to Vegas this year, don’t sweat it. This epic dual performance will be streamed live on Red Bull TV, available HERE.

Photo courtesy of edmtunes.com