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EDM.com Spotlight

Oliver Heldens Soars to New Heights with Performance in a Hot Air Balloon [WATCH]

After Dillon Francis’ ‘interesting’ set during Gerald’s birthday, it was only a matter of time before another DJ pulled of some viral antics.

Yesterday, on June 1st, Oliver Heldens posted that he is going to do a set from a hot air balloon. Keeping his promise, an hour after the first tweet, he is live on Facebook.

The 22 years old future house DJ managed to fit the tiny basket with a 6 person crew and a full CDJ setup along with speakers. The set was pretty short (24 minutes), but given the fact that he is a thousand feet into the air, I think this is still pretty sick.

With the emerging new acts from left to right in the EDM genre, it is hard to stand out from the fact. Oliver Heldens sure does making him newsworthy by doing a set in a hot air balloon. Will this be a trend? Will DJs start to play their sets in strange places?

Check out the full video below!