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While You Were Sleeping, Sound Remedy Has Been Grinding Out 46 New Releases

It’s been awhile now since Sound Remedy “retired” from music. What’s he been up to?

In August of 2016, Sound Remedy announced via facebook that he would be retiring from music. Fans naturally went into an uproar until Rem assured fans that he would only be retiring from playing live shows, not music entirely. “Leaving You,” a collaboration with Savoy released by Monstercat, was his last major label release and the last release that I really heard any news about was his collab with future bass pioneer Illenium in mid 2015. He released quite a few singles after his “retirement” and seemed to get no recognition for them.

The 28 year old producer took to YouTube to tell his fans that touring isn’t his passion, music is. He likes producing music so much he even set a goal for himself: release four songs a week. Every week. For all of 2017. We’re five months into 2017 and with only 46 tracks, he’s behind his quota for 80 at the time of this article. Obviously that’s an insane goal to reach, but you gotta give mad props to the guy. 46 tracks in five months is insane. What’s more insane is how each track maintains the general Sound Remedy feel, but ever since he quit touring and started releasing all of his music independently, his sound has kind of developed into a 2.0 feel. The theme of most of his “newer” tracks is definitely more mellowed out, but there’s some happy bangers in there from the “Walk on By” Sound Remedy that we all loved but seem to have forgotten.

What confuses me is the fact that he’s gotten no coverage for this incredible feat of music. Why? Is it because his tracks don’t bang in clubs? Is it because he’s gone independent and no one like a bedroom producer? Is he an asshole? I’m genuinely curious as to why something like this can just fly under the radar. So let this be a lesson to you if you really like music; do your research. Don’t fall into the rut of the same songs from the same artists that you know or just the people who are in the spotlight. Most of the time they’re in the spotlight for a reason, sure, but if you’re a true music lover, never be afraid to go on the hunt for new music. Just because something isn’t in the spotlight doesn’t mean it isn’t out there.

In the meantime, here’s some of my personal favorites from Sound Remedy. The first is his classics, the second is Rem 2.0 (which there is plenty more of).