EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out Our Favs From The Limitless Summer Remix Comp And Choose Your Own

We're absolutely ecstatic to be able to help give an up-and-coming producer the opportunity of a lifetime! The team here at EDM.com with help from Limitless Life and Night Nation Run, are giving producers a chance to enter their own remix to Kryoman & Jounce's track "Get Up", and try to win some insane prizes! And about those prizes... we're not just going to give some cheap plastic trophy, we're going to get you a set on the mainstage of a Night Nation Run show! Yes. The freakin' MAINstage! But wait, there's more! Alongside our grand-prize winner will be several other winners receiving a variety of awesome prizes. So what are you waiting for? Get remixing!

The contest started on June 5th and it will be open until midnight July 3rd, 2017. All you need to do is remix the track and submit it at MyLimitlessSummer.com. Kryoman & Jounce will be hand-selecting the winner with some help from the lovely EDM.com staff. Alongside the mainstage slot, airfare, and boarding, you're also going to go home with some Limitless Life and Night Nation Run gear and $1500! Also we will help you promote your remix with support from the EDM.com team.

We also want to give the public a chance to choose their own winner! The fan-favorite winner will get some VIP tickets to a Night Nation Run event of their choice, some cool prizes from Limitless Life and Night Nation Run and $1500 to spend on whatever they choose!

We're also going to show some love to the listeners! Five lucky winners will either get 100 dollars, VIP tickets to a Night Nation Run show or some gear from our partners!

There are tons of ways to win! Don't wait!

We've heard tons of amazing remixes and we hope to see tons more! Since we're moving along in the contest we wanted to highlight some of our favorite tracks in the contest to show you what you're up against.


TWSTN delivers a futuristic sounding remix of the track sure to win over our bass fans. Constantly building upon itself and then bringing it back down with some Snails-esque growls, he gives this track a special twist. If you dig this one be sure to give him your vote!

Listen/Vote for TWSTN here!


This one is definitely one of the more unique offerings in the contest. .blu. reimagines this track in a perfectly indescribable way. With some soft and ethereal build-ups leading into a moshable groove and a killer ending, .blu. is setting the bar high for this contest. Show him some love if you like the track!

Listen/Vote for .blu. here!

Giga & Hertz

This one is a nod to our house fans! Featuring a steady upbeat rhythm perfect for the festival circuit, Giga & Hertz electrify this track with their remix! Who knows, maybe your vote will help them get this one on the main stage!

Listen/Vote for Giga & Hertz here!

Nacim Ladj

Showing some love to our techno and minimal friends is Nacim Ladj. With some sinister bass and danceable grooves, this one has something for everyone. If you’re getting down to this one don’t forget to hit that vote button!

Listen/Vote for Nacim Ladj here!


Out to show the world how to do a remix properly, THOZI breathes new life into the track. Simultaneously maintaining the original essence of the track and adding some homemade trap drops, THOZI has found a perfect balance in this remix. If you want to see this one live in concert, give THOZI your vote!

Listen/Vote for THOZI here!

There you have it! Some of our favorites at the time of writing. Will one of these tracks win it all? Who knows, only time will tell. We're taking submissions until midnight July 3rd, 2017 so don't wait! Think you can do better than these five? Prove it! Send us your remix at MyLimitlessSummer.com! Good luck, maybe we'll see you on the mainstage!