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Facebook Meets Hollywood, In Talks With Agencies To Make Original TV Shows

Seems like the social media colossal Facebook, is going Hollywood and reportedly is talking to many agencies and studios regarding producing high quality TV shows. Facebook also aims to start launching these by late summer this year. Many creative agencies that Facebook is talking to include names such as Creative Artist Agency (CAA), United Talent Agency, William Morris Endeavour etc. If you’re into entertainment world you would be familiar with these names and these are some of the agencies that are managing and handling some of the biggest talents in the world. Facebook has also pointed that it’s willing to go for a production budget of $3 Million per episode.

The word from people associated with this project is that Facebook is aiming to target a demographic that ranges between the age group 13-34, with main focus on people within age group 17-30. Among the various shows Facebook is planning to put out, it already has lined up “Strangers,” a relationship drama that made its debut at Sundance Film Festival, and also a game show named “Last State Standing”. The company is also near completing a deal for the family comedy “Loosely Exactly Nicole,” which Viacom’s MTV canceled earlier this year after one season.

In addition, Facebook is also seeking short content, roughly around the length of 10 minutes that would run in the Spotlight section. The social media giant is also guaranteeing creators of this short-content, fare of a minimum $5,000 to $20,000 share of ad revenue per episode. Companies working on such content for Facebook include Buzzfeed, ATTN and Refinery 29. Facebook also told people that it wants to stay clear of any shows about children, political dramas and anything that has nudity and abusive or strong language.

Also seems like Facebook will follow traditional release style instead of dropping the whole season at once like Netflix Inc, Amazon.com etc. The normal long-form content will run for no more than 30 Minutes and will carry ads. Even though Facebook is late to the game compared to its competitors in this genre, the entertainment industry is eager to see what results can Facebook pull off considering the 2 billion monthly users it has.

We guess, soon we’ll be saying “Hey babe, wanna come over for some Facebook n' Chill?” We don’t know how this new initiative will compete against the rivals, so we have to wait and see how everything falls into its place.

H/T: The Wall Street Journal