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EDM.com Spotlight

Vicetone Brings the Summer Vibes with “I Hear You” [LISTEN]

With this week being the first “official” week of summer, it’s time to identify which track is going to be hailed as the next “song of the summer”. While most casual fans will point to whatever track Calvin Harris puts out, I have one potential diamond in the rough to throw into the ring. Some of you may be familiar with the EDM duo and Monstercat veterans, Vicetone. The duo have been actively releasing tracks on the Canadian label since 2012 and if you ask me, they have some serious heat on their hands with their new release, “I Hear You”.

The track starts off the main melody being teased in the background while one person is telling another to “check out” this new track. Vicetone really sets the mood with their use of vocal samples and creates anticipation for the track. Sure, the two sentence exchange between two people isn’t much to write about but it personifies the tension and excitement that is building to the drop in the track. The quick exchange is followed by a catchy chord progression and the repeating call of “I hear you”. Speaking of the drop….

I love how Vicetone layered the lead melody in the drop. It’s a great combination of fun, whimsical and fresh sounds. Nothing stands out as unnecessary or over processed in the drop. The section is beautifully composed and designed by the Dutch duo.

The section after the drop begins with a nice use of delay on the tail end of the main melody followed by the repeating chant of “I hear you”. It’s a short but effective bridge to the second and final drop in the track. The track finishes strong with the final drop and fades out with a descending pad and riser sound to let off any remaining steam left in the track.

If you’re looking for a new track to add to your summer playlist, please do yourself a favor and add “I Hear You” by Vicetone to that list. It has so many great qualities that a “summer track” should have. Catchy melody, short but sweet song structure, fresh sound design and a repeating vocal phrase. I can see this track working for a variety of festive situations and to me, it will sound fresh with every single play. Vicetone, you have my vote!