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EDM.com Spotlight

The Qu-Bit Pulsar Module Will Excite the Modular Fascination Within You

Fresh off the line from Qu-Bit Electronix, their latest Eurorack module, aptly named Pulsar, is one hell of a confusing yet at the same time fascinating module. So what is it? Well according to the product description,

“Pulsar is a burst generator inspired by stars that output beams of electromagnetic radiation in space. Once keyed, a stream of triggers are dispersed across four outputs.”

Many modular synthesis enthusiasts will know exactly what a burst generator is but for most people, it’s a mystery. Essentially we can think about it as a randomizer of rhythms. Make Noise’s video on burst generation (which can be found here) describes it as “... a trigger or gate causes a bursts of gates with unpredictable rhythm but a predictable duration.” So in the case of Qu-Bit’s Pulsar, it utilizes four outputs which can be routed virtually to any input in your Eurorack setup. Additionally, you can manipulate the behavior of the bursts with the gravity and absorb options as well as choose any of 8 dispersion modes including euclidean, binary, random, and fractal.

That’s definitely a lot to comprehend, especially if modular synthesis just isn’t your thing but it can be said that in this time when anything modular is exploding in the marketplace, these new pieces of gear are something to get excited about. They’re something to research and discover and just see what all the hubbub is about. Also, if you are a producer (such as myself) you’ll find that adding a modular synth setup of any kind to your workflow can and will stimulate tremendous amounts of creativity. Be sure to check out the short teaser below on the Pulsar and check out Qu-Bit’s website!

H/T: Electronic Beats