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EDM.com Spotlight

Calvin Harris Gives us “Feels” with Latest Music Video [WATCH]

One of the most popular DJ’s in the world has released what seems to be the most colorful music video we’ve seen this year.

Calvin Harris, the man behind hits like “This is What You Came For” and “How Deep is Your Love” is at it yet again. While he never fails at enlisting A-list features, this tune surely takes the cake. Not only did he acquire backup from the legendary Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry, he’s also found himself in the studio with Big Sean. Their new track, “Feels” debuted on June 16th and has been a smash since it’s release. In under two weeks, the tune has garnered over 22 million plays on Spotify.

Now, the track is getting some additional love. A music video to accompany it has been released, and it’s quite the ride. The video includes the entire gang traveling in a psychedelic paradise, and it’s groovy. Harris jams on an electric guitar while Big Sean sits upon his throne in paradise. Katy Perry can be found in a field of flowers, while Pharrell is takes his time traveling across a body of water in his paddle boat. Take a peek at the music video below:

“Feels” is the fourth single off of Calvin Harris’s upcoming album, Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 1, which is jampacked with features. Give it a listen when it drops on June 30th if you enjoyed how his latest single made you feel!