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David Guetta Puts His Own Stamp on Bruno Mars' "Versace on the Floor" [LISTEN]

David Guetta, a well known dance producer and remix genius, has been known to collaborate with modern music’s greatest. Involved with multiple features, his latest albums Listen and Nothing but the Beat has made over 4.3 million worldwide sales in 2011 to 2014.

As David Guetta is slowly starting to release singles bit by bit to help introduce his newest album, he is teaming up with everyone from Justin Bieber to Victoria Secret Angels.

Now Guetta is getting fans buzzing by debuting his remix of Bruno Mars “Versace on the Floor.” The track which was featured on Bruno Mars’ album 24k Magic album steers away from traditional big room banger for a more Michael Jackson inspired disco groove that has a little bit of old and a new time feel.

“I’m super proud that I had the opportunity to work with Bruno Mars on ‘Versace on the Floor.’ It’s is more than a remix; it is a collaboration and combination of different worlds together…” David states, “...He’s really a next level musician and songwriter. I knew that already, but by working on his music, I realized it even more so.”

The original “Versace on the Floor” was a soft ballad that picked its sound and chord progressions from the smooth jazz era. With the incorporation of David Guetta the track gains a conceptual four on the floor kick while incorporating soft subtle hats that have a crisp chip to the overall color, giving the illusion of a pump. You can tell that the track feels “livelier” do the fact that most of the instruments don’t sound synthesized.

If you like or don’t like the track feel free to leave a comment down below and start a discussion and let us know what you think!

You can take a listen to the track here on the link below.