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The Party Just Got Later as California Approves Bill Extending Bar Hours to 4 AM

Californians have another reason to get excited about the summer. The California State Senate have just passed a bill allowing bars to remain open and serve alcohol until 4 am, permitting but not requiring bars to stay open and serve an extra two hours beyond the standard 2 am.

Senator Scott Wiener of the 11th Senate District proposed SB 384, recently nicknamed the LOCAL Act, or Let Our Communities Adjust Late Night Act. The bill was generally agreed upon in both houses, and now is seeking to be passed by the heads of the state assembly, enabling Californian local communities to propose their own legislation to increase open hours and in turn be able to themselve vote on whether to adopt their policies.

Weiner states,

“The LOCAL Act recognizes that nightlife is critical to the culture and economy of many cities throughout our large and diverse state, and that local communities can make responsible decisions to support nightlife… By taking this nuanced approach to empower–but not require–local communities to extend alcohol sales hours, we can support nightlife in California while also recognizing that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for each and every city in our great state.”

Weiner has before backed plans to increase the safety and economy of Californians surround potentially controversial deregulations drug and alcohol policies. In 2015, he looked to assemble a Take Force that would prepare San Francisco in the case of anticipated marijuana legalization in 2016, so that the city would not “end up having a chaotic fire drill after legalization occurs.” His proposed Task Force included representatives from the city’s Department of Public Health, Fire Department, Police Department, Department of Building Inspection, Planning Department and San Francisco Unified School District, alongside a number of representatives from the cannabis industry.

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