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RL Grime Drops 2nd Track off Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album “Nova” [LISTEN]

To everyone’s surprise, RL Grime decided to drop the second track off of his upcoming album Nova.

The track is called “Stay For It” featuring Miguel and bears a similarity to the sound of his first release of the album called “Reims.” RL Grime has officially committed to his own genre of trap, because there is no other way I would describe his latest series of works. Everywhere from his remix of The Weeknd’s "The Hills," to RL Grime’s track "Aurora," he has developed a new sound, which I can’t quite but a label on. But for now, it is uniquely the sound of the one and only trap king RL Grim.e This new release is one that fans have been waiting on for a while, he had been playing it in live sets for a year or so now, and he finally released it with Miguel singing over it. The song is guaranteed to be not only a staple in RL’s sets from here on out, but maybe might be one of his best songs to date. RL Grime absolutely crushed this one out of the park. Hats off to you Henry, as a fan myself, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store with your new album NOVA.

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