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EDM.com Spotlight

Will Ultra & Rolling Loud Music Festival Have To Move From Miami's Bayfront Park?

What if you lived in a place where a lot of the residents share one common park; to walk, exercise, stroll through neighbordhood with their pets etc.

And then some cool kids take over that WHOLE park for wild all day parties, crazy costumes, and massive crowds. This definitely would be saddening and frustrating.

Well, guess what? This hypothetical situation you just read above is a reality for people living in Downtown Miami.

So, as you may know Bayfront Park, that’s located in Downtown Miami is home for Ultra Music Festival and Rolling Loud Music Festival. Ultra takes place in March followed by Rolling Loud Festival which takes place in May. Getting each festival up and running takes a lot of time, space and preparation. In addition, the excessive noise pollution caused by the festivals is what the residents of downtown Miami are complaining about. People have called out the festivals because all this preparation takes away the common property from the residents for a really long time, which ultimately renders the place useless for them as some “private event is going on at a public place.”

The Miami Downtown Neighbors Alliance have also started a petition with an aim to move these festivals to a new location. This petition was started about 3 weeks ago and currently is at 1000 signatures. This is what the residents are saying:

“We, the residents of Downtown Miami and its neighboring communities deserve to have daily access to Bayfront Park - our neighborhood park. Instead, since the beginning of 2017, Bayfront Park has been closed to the public or in a state of disrepair for over 100 because of mega-concerts like Ultra and Rolling Loud.”

People also say:

“In addition to destroying the park's enviromental elements, including trees, turf and landscaping, these events regularly force thousands of Downtown residents to flee the area to avoid the unbearable noise, traffic, and alcohol/drug-related violence present at and around these events.”

Let’s see what happens, as some petitions are successful and some are not. The seriousness and awareness among the people can decide if these festivals are forced to move to a new location or not.

If you’re a Downtown Miami resident reading this and want to take any action, you can read the full petition and if interested, sign it here.

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