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EDM.com Spotlight

Viceland to Air Scripted TV show, “What Would Diplo Do”?

Diplo is a man of many skills. Music producer? Absolutely. DJ? You bet. Fashionista? I guess so. TV character?

Let me say that last one again… Diplo as a TV character that is played by another actor? Whether we like it or not, it sounds like we’re going to get a caricature of the famous producer on TV later this summer.

Viceland has given Diplo the chance to have his own show, which pokes fun at his lifestyle and some of the other common stereotypes that come along with life as a famous producer and entertainer. Diplo will be played by James Van Der Beek. The idea was first conceived as a promo for Mad Decent’s Block Party in 2016. Due to its overwhelming popularity with fans, Diplo and Co. have decided to take it to the next level and try it out as an actual TV show. Diplo and Van Der Beek will serve as Executive Producers on the project.

So what do you guys think? Did you enjoy the "Day in the Life of Diplo" video last year? Is this a great idea or a dumpster fire in the making?

As of this writing, Viceland has ordered six episodes of “What would Diplo do” so they will get plenty of chances to win fans over.

For those of you that are anxious to tune in, the show will premiere August 3rd at 10pm.