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LCD Soundsystem Turns Techie with Preview of their New Virtual Reality Project “Dance Tonite”

As the merging of music and technology continues to grow deeper, we have been seeing many artists attempt to push their production to a whole new level. Eric Pyrdz just debuted his EPIC 5.0 4K Hologram show, Deadmau5 has come out with the cube 2.1, and now LCD Soundsystem has their own project in store for us this summer.

VR Scout, a website claiming to be connected to LCD Soundsystem, has just broken the news that this band will be pushing the limits of new technology with their new virtual reality music project called “Dance Tonite.” This web based virtual reality experience was showcased at a recent Google conference, along with a live streamed performance from the guys themselves.

Hold your excitement, there’s more, this project isn’t releasing on it’s own. Accompanying this virtual reality experience is the additional release of some new music from LCD Soundsystem. We don’t know a release date yet, but the head of the band, James Murphey has already confirmed that the new LCD Soundsystem is “totally done” and we’re hoping they are ready to drop it soon. Back in April the band debuted some new tracks that have yet to be released, titled “American Dream”, “Call Police”, and more. Sources claim that the “Dance Tonite” experience will be the life-like journey through one of the main tracks on their new album titled “Tonite”.

For a launch date on the album, we wish we knew. But VR Scout is claiming that “Dance Tonight” project will be launching in summer 2017, so we can only hope that these projects are releasing simultaneously.

Check out some of the clips we found confirming “Dance Tonite” and giving a little sneak peek on what to expect from this breakthrough music experience.

There's no party like a VR dance party! Preview of LCD Soundsystem's web VR music experience. #IO17

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