EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Take it From the Bedroom to the Main Stage With Our Limitless Summer Remix Competition!

You take a deep breath as you climb the stairs to the stage. Walking up to the DJ booth you hear the crowd roar as your eyes take in the of faces thousands of fans that are all here for just one thing. To see you perform.

Your brow is dripping and you're shaking with nerves, but the second you cue that drop and see the crowd go wild you're suddenly hit with a bolt of adrenaline that takes you higher than you've ever been before.

This doesn't need to be a dream for you any longer.

By participating in our Limitless Life Summer Remix competition, you could soon become a fixture at the main stage of a Night Nation Run event happening this summer across the country.

So let's get cookin'!

The Deets

The rules are simple: send us your best remix of Kryoman & Jounce's track "Get Up" to enter for your chance to win some seriously slick prizes. The contest opens on Monday, June 5th, and you have until midnight on July 3rd, 2017, to submit your dance floor burner to MyLimitlessSummer.com, then just sit back and wait for the fame to roll in.

Don't worry, there's more than one way to win this competition remix, giving you plenty of opportunity to go home with cash, swag, and the gig of a lifetime.

The Grand Prize

A winner will be selected by Kryoman & Jounce personally, with help from EDM.com judges. The lucky Grand Prize winner will get the opportunity to play a main stage set at a Night Nation Run event of their choice.

It gets better though, not only will you get 1 free round-trip flight and 1 night stay in event city, you will also take home $1500 in cold-hard cash from Limitless Life in addition to free Limitless Life and Night Nation Run products and merchandise. At EDM.com, we'll help take your remix to the next level by supporting your song on our network and a special EDM.com Snapchat Takeover.

Can you say "exposure"?

Fan-Favorite Winner

Don't worry, we know we're not the only ones with good taste, which is why we're giving fans the chance to pick their favorite remix. You can still take home glory with $1500 cash to splurge on new music equipment or to live it up at your favorite music festival.

Plus, you'll still get VIP tickets to the Night Nation Run event of your choice and all sorts of cool goodies from Limitless Life and NNR.

Fan Winners

We know that not everyone is a producer, that's why we're still giving five fans the opportunity to participate in the Limitless Summer Remix Competition for the opportunity to score a $100, and get a boost of cardio with VIP tickets to a Night Nation Run, and plenty of sick merch that will make your friends green with envy.

Does this sound like something you're into? Follow the link below to take your production career from the bedroom to the main stage with our Limitless Summer Remix Competition!

What are you waiting for? Click here to enter the competition!

Winners will be announced on July 10th, so stay tuned via MyLimitlessSummer.com and be sure to use the coupon code #REMIX2017 to get discounted tickets and VIP packages for Night Nation Run!

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