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EDM.com Spotlight

Madeon Announces New Music is Coming, and it's Nothing Like His Previous Works

Ever since Madeon's highly acclaimed full-length debut Adventure was released back in 2015, the French producer/DJ has been rather quiet regarding new music.

This doesn't mean Madeon hasn't kept busy though, as he released the collaborative "Shelter" with Porter Robinson - with whom he has been friends for more than a decade - before they embarked on a massive live tour that ended in Coachella a little over a month ago, and saw incredible success.

Madeon also turned 23 some days ago, and after thanking his fans in a Facebook post, he explained his recent silence is "because I'm immersing myself making this new music." What's really interesting though, is that it will be different than Adventure; so we'll just have to wait and see what the talented producer comes up with.

In the meantime, check the Facebook post below and follow him on his social media to say updated!

Madeon's socials:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsmadeon/
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/madeon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/madeon
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/itsmadeon

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