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EDM.com Spotlight

New WAV App Seeks to Change the Way We Enjoy Music

Looking for a new way to find and enjoy music? WAV might just be the solution to your troubles. WAV is a brand-new music discovery app, created by a music industry expert and backed by a major Korean tech company, WAV seeks to connect listeners directly with fans.

This app is not an app for listening to your music library like Spotify or Apple Music. WAV gives artists another way to reach and interact with audiences. With a variety of features including concert videos, music video premieres, documentaries, interviews, and more, WAV is not just giving us audio, but giving us a front row seat to the music world. They promise to deliver a new platform that brings us closer than ever to our favorite, and new artists.

Joining Jeanie Han, the former CEO of LINE (Euro-Americas Corp.), is Steve Rifkind, a seasoned industry expert, who understands exactly what it takes for an artist to truly blow up! Rifkind has worked with huge hip-hop artists like Wu Tang Clan, Akon, and Three Six Mafia. He has seen artists break into the spotlight and helped launch careers for some of the biggest names, and he has the exact knowledge needed to bring new artists to the masses. The WAV team promises to support new artists, and help them grow into superstars! In their own words…

"WAV is an incubator for young artists and gives them the tools to express their music creatively and expand their audience reach,” “I'm extremely proud of the progress we've made and how this will revolutionize and monetize the way we interact with and consume content.”

They have also shared with us that they are partnered with Skrillex’s iconic record label OWSLA, to provide content straight from the team behind some of the biggest names in EDM. The OWLSA crew has always been ahead of the game with their events and technology, and it would not be surprising if they utilize this platform to its full potential. OWSLA has known to make awesome music videos, live-streamed shows, and create great behind the scenes features, and we can't wait to see what they publish on WAV.

WAV definitely seems like it could become a must-have app. With serious partnerships, and promises to bring new talent to the spotlight, this app is exactly what die-hard music fans need. It will be interesting to see how many artists adopt this platform, and what kind of content they create. We could be in for a revolution in how we consume our music.

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