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EDM.com Spotlight

The Enigmatic Aphex Twin Back At It With A Mysterious Countdown

Last week, on the head wind of another strange build up, Aphex Twin streamed his absolutely amazing, bizarre, Aphex-esque, set from Field Day 2017. It’s hit the electronic music community already with such amusement and even Mau5trap’s REZZ had this to say about the stream on her Twitter.

And now on his Warp Records website, the hype continues. The only thing you will find front and center, is a countdown that expires on July 6th. There will most likely be much speculation on what is going to occur on that day but with it being Aphex Twin, the possibilities are endless.

The one speculation that we can make with certainty is that it won’t be boring and if anything it will bring the Aphex Twin name forward for more people to relish in the mind and creativity of Richard David James.

Be sure to check out the stream of Aphex Twin’s set below and keep a close eye on this curious countdown!