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EDM.com Spotlight

Apple's WWDC 2017 Event Announces Most Powerful Computer Yet

Every Spring over 5000 developers gather in the heart of Silicon Valley for Apple’s famed WWDC press conference. During this conference, CEO Tim Cook speaks directly to Apple’s countless fans regarding new product and technology releases.

This year WWDC featured the announcement of the company’s most powerful computer yet, the iMac Pro. The new iMac is geared towards artists; musicians, animators and video editors alike will be pleased by the system’s ample processing capability. An 18-core processor housed inside an elegantly designed shell with a 27-inch 5k Retina display is sure to handle even the most complex Serum patches with ease.

While recent Mac releases have upset many users (think of the removal of USB ports from the recent MacBook Pro), this year Apple aims to please. The iMac Pro houses four USB ports and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

All of this can be yours for the price of $4,999.

For those without the cash for Apple’s flagship computational system, the updated MacBook Pro will retail for $200 less than last year’s model. The new MacBook Pro will feature updated Intel chips for a smoother overall experience. You can buy the new MacBook Pro starting at $1299.

H/T: Fact Mag