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EDM.com Spotlight

Bacardi & Major Lazer Are Teaming Up to Lift Up Caribbean Artists and Producers

BACARDI and Major Lazer have teamed up to host a program designed to help up-and-coming Caribbean Artists and Producers who would like studio time to produce or work with other artists in a new and simple challenge.

Every time their new track "Front Line" ft. Machel Montano & Koshens is played on the music app Spotify, they will contribute and donate studio time for aspiring artists who are involved with making caribbean influenced music.

There is a counter on their website: http://www.musicliberatesmusic.com and you can see how many times the music has been played along with the current timer of how much studio time is given. At the time of this publication, "Front Line" has reached approximately around 700,000 hits and about 2 hours and 45 minutes of studio time. Which means that for every three hundred thousand hits, BACARDI and MAJOR LAZER will donate an hour of studio time.

Realistically, it may sound like in order to get massive studio time the track has to do extremely well. Every 50 hits on spotify will add 1 second to the studio timer. It would take about 7,200,000 hits for the event to hit a day of studio time given and donated, which may sound like a huge feat but really isn’t

To inform you a little about who MAJOR Lazer are, they are a music production trio composed of Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire. You would most likely recognize them from one of their most popular tracks collaborating with DJ Snake - ‘Lean On’ and ‘Run Up ft. Nicki Minaj and PARTYNEXTDOOR’. Their tracks and overall vibe about them brings a tropical and caribbean feel that makes you reminisce of the beach and a refreshing pina colada. With MAJOR LAZER joining forces with BACARDI bringing the “Sound of Rum” to the cultural experience of Caribbean history it only makes sense that the two would combine and collaborate to make something amazing happen for new and up and coming artists specifically in the Tropical Caribbean genre.

Last Week Major Lazer dropped their latest EP Know No Better. Support the cause by listening to "Front Line" to help add more ticks to the counter which continues to grow by each minute.