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EDM.com Spotlight

'It's The Ship' Releases Luxurious FOMO Aftermovie!

Imagine a four-day, three-night dance music festival cruise ship party in Asia with your captain being David Hassellhoff and your headliners include acts like Dada Life & Knife Party.

It's what happened on It's The Ship and now you can see it too as they just released their beautifully epic after movie from the 2016 event. The 2017 It's the Ship cruise party experiences takes you from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand & back with plenty of stops in between to explore. 5000 passengers will be on board with you with most accommodations secured. To get a feel for what the experience is like and also the feeling of sadness because you missed out, watch the video below!

Last year It's the Ship featured act such as Dada Life, Knife Party, Far East Movement, Peking Duk and more! The experience seems luxurious to say the least, but the after movie above speaks for itself! The ship itself also features a night club called Zouk, a waterslide park, zip line overlooking the sea, a bowling alley, 3D movie theatre, yoga, mini-golf course, pool parties, beach parties, pop up parties and more!

The line up for the next cruise hasn't been announced quite yet, but the date has been set for Friday, November 17th - Monday, November 20th, 2017. Booking cabins is not all that expensive when you compare the prices to Holy Ship. You get what you pay for and this is absolutely a unique upscale experience to say the least. It honestly looks like what Fyre Festival could have been. Thankfully the company throwing the event already had a successful It's the Ship cruise, prompting this year's to be even bigger! For more information on It's The Ship and to book early bird cabins visit http://www.itstheship.com.