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W&W dropped Their First NWYR Trance Track "Voltage" [LISTEN]

Last Thursday Armin van Buuren invited W&W to his A State of Trance studio, to showcase their first single under their NWYR alias. During their short interview with Armin and his sidekick Ruben de Ronde, they gave some context on the start of their new Trance project:

Why did you decide to do NWYR?

‘’Because there is a lot of music we want to make, but we couldn’t make as W&W. It kept laying around on our computer, we sometimes listened to it and like it as well. So we thought: why not just do another project and do the music under that, also because there is a lot of demand for that sound we were used to do.’’

They are right by saying that the current NWYR sound is close to the sound which brought them at the forefront of Trance music about 6 years back. At that time, they were more or less the faces of a new generation of Trance music, which incorporated more House and Bigroom elements around the Trancy breakdowns. This is perfectly shown by their 2012 live set at ASOT 550 in Moscow:

However, because they admit these similarities themselves, it is a strange thing to say that they couldn’t release their Trancy stuff as W&W. The duo also stated that they ‘’just love to make different kinds of music, instead of only one style.’’ This is, for example, shown by their Hardstyle tunes with Headhunterz and Wildstyles, which they haven’t been doing under an alias. Therefore, it is still a bit unclear why they decided to release their Trancy music under an alias.

If you listen to their new track "Voltage," they prove the world again they are true masters in framing a Trancy breakdown into a more Bigroom drop, just like they did back in the day.

Check out the whole interview and new track "Voltage" around the 18 minute mark on ASOT 817 right here: