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Fyre Festival Organizer Arrested for Wire Fraud Two Months After Disaster

Months after the millennial nightmare known as Fyre Festival has ended, things continue to get worse.

One of the two heads of the festival, Billy McFarland, has been arrested and accused of wire fraud. Ja Rule has been nixed from the investigation as of this right now, with his attorney stating that they “don’t perceive him as a subject of this investigation”.

The arrest shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s been following this truly unfortunate series of events. The “luxury” festival was a complete mess and should serve as an example of how not to run a high-end event. McFarland’s arrest follows the class-action lawsuit that’s been filed against him.

From the get go, Fyre Festival organizers were unprepared and deceived fans into believing they were getting quite the bang for their buck. Instead of yachts, models, and a phenomenal music experience, festival goers got an unfinished city, slices of bread, and quite the journey home with only foul memories to accompany it. Alongside the other tragedies, Fyre Festival left many workers unpaid after their attempt to build a city from nothing.

At this point, there’s no telling what’s going to happen to the duo behind the most infamous festival of all time. Hopefully, things take a turn for the better shortly.

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