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EDM.com Spotlight

ODESZA Takes us to “Higher Ground” with their Latest Single [LISTEN]

ODESZA never ceases to amaze us.

Their upcoming album, A Moment Apart, is well underway, with five tunes already being released. After almost two years without any original releases, they unveiled “Line of Sight” and “Late Night” in April. Then, in June, they dropped two more singles off the album: “Corners of the Earth” and “Meridian”. Now, their fifth single off of their long awaited third album has arrived. To no one’s surprise, “Higher Ground” is just as beautiful as the rest of their discography.

Naomi Wild’s her stunning vocals will leave you in bliss at the end of every verse, addressing her vices and her inability to let go of the past. Paired with Harris Mills and Clayton Knight’s intoxicating vocal samples and drum circle-like rhythm, this track is sure to be blasting through everyone’s speakers this summer. The track follows a similar formula to other tunes of theirs such as “Say My Name” and “Sun Models”, diving straight into their intricate beat that keeps us enthralled for all three minutes and thirty-five seconds.

Hopefully, these singles can satisfy our need for new ODESZA tracks until the album drops on September 8th. Soon after it’s out, you won’t have to spend another moment apart from our favorite Seattle duo. Their tour has already started, with stops all the way through December. Find tour dates and tickets here.