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EDM.com Spotlight

Our Picks For The Top 5 Future Bass Tracks Released This Week

Every now and then new tracks are released. Some live up to their hype and deliver according to the expectations of the listeners while some are just hit and miss. A lot of new and exciting tracks have been released recently and boy, are those good. Let’s have a look at out top 5 picks for the Future Bass tracks released this week.

1. Virtual Riot - Pixel Forest

You can’t go wrong when listening to Virtual Riot. Accept it or not, but the guy is a genius. Whatever he puts out is pure gold. Coming back to Pixel Forest which he released on Spirited, starts with some really chill piano chords mixed with an arp and vocal chops. As the track moves forward the Filtered LFO Saw chords and well mixed percussions are introduced before he finally opens the filter and unleashes pure madness. This track is a mixture of emotions and you’ll definitely enjoy jamming out to this. Listen to the track:

2. 2ToneDisco - Hold Me

Rising producers from Los Angeles, 2ToneDisco have been putting out some really weird yet cool stuff. Having releases on Buygore and Trapstyle, the duo are in full force to do something big. The track is self released and starts with some retro chords combined with vocal chops. The really bouncy vibe of the breakdown mixed with hard hitting drop, makes this track stand out. Also, the ever changing drum pattern and character of chords and instruments makes the track interesting and will keep the listener involved. Wait till you hear the outro. Listen to the track:

3. DROELOE - Collisions

DROELOE have been killing it lately. With multiple releases on Monstercat and Bitbird, having a collaboration with San Holo and also a Diplo & Friends Mix on their books, they’re popping on a whole another level. Now coming to their latest release Collision which is released on Monstercat and is a part of the cross-collaboration between Monstercat and Rocket League. The track has a really solid and consistent vibe throughout. The main melody can be heard in the intro and comes and goes as the song moves forward. The track has its emotional value and mix it with a really solid idea and heavy low-end and drums, you just can’t go wrong with this. Listen to the track:

4. Lights (Nitti Gritti Remix)

Some might think that Nitti Gritti is new to the game. But y’all gotta rethink. Nitti Gritti has been making some serious waves this year. Having releases on Never Say Die, Lowly Palace, Dim Mak and our very own Artist Intelligence Agency (Trap) in his hands, he sure doesn’t looks to be slowing down anytime soon. Coming to the track, this one is a really special one. The remix is a mashup between vocals from Kanye’s “All Of The Lights” and San Holo’s “Light”. And for some reason the flow is perfect even though there are vocals from 2 different songs. Also the horns section from Kanye’s track blends perfectly with San Holo’s melody from Light. You’ll definitely enjoy listening to this. Listen to the track:

5. Mickey Valen - Wildcard (Sex Whales Remix)

Now, last but not the least, we have Sex Whales Remix of Wildcard by Mickey Valen. The remix has been released on Lowly Palace. Sex Whales is a really talented artist heading all the way from Israel and has releases on top noth networks including EDM.com, NCS and Trap Nation, just to name a few. Coming to the remix, the track starts off with soothing vocals from Feli Ferraro backup by saw chords and slowly hyping up the listener for the drop. The drop is a mixture of lfo saw chords, saw bass, tight drums and percussions and great melody line that is being played with vocal chops. You’ll definitely have this track on loop for sure. Listen to the track:

We hope you enjoy all the above listed tracks and these finds some place in your playlists.