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Deadmau5 Shows Off “Cube 2.2” as He Tests New Show Ideas

While he is in the midst of his “Lots of shows in a row” tour, Deadmau5 recently went back to the drawing board to come up with some new ideas for future touring purposes. One of those ideas was creating small-scale replica of his current touring booth, “Cube 2.1” The replica, or “Cube 2.2” was created as a way for Deadmau5 and company to test out new ideas on a smaller scale before being used in a typical live setting. As you can see in the tweets below, new graphics and animation are being tested on Cube 2.2

ICYMI, this is for people who think that “Cube 2.2” is a small scale booth that Deadmau5 will use for overseas shows.

There you go. From the mouse himself. Now you may be wondering, “why is he using a small replica to test things out?”. Well, that should be obvious. Like most artists or anybody in the creative process, using a prototype of a model or idea is always ideal for testing purposes. If you can’t get your ideas to work on a smaller scale, then why bother expanding it and making it bigger?

Regardless, I’m sure Deadmau5 and Co. are finding new things to add to his live show and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some of those updates on the latter half of his current tour.

H/T: Billboard