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Justice Hints That David Guetta Is Releasing Music Through Unknown Aliases

French duo Justice recently revealed that David Guetta may be releasing tunes under a secret name (or names).

In an interview with CSTAR, Justice members Gaspard Auge and Xavier De Rosnay were asked a handful of questions, one of which was to choose between Vitalic and Guetta.

Of his fellow electronic music producing French countrymen, De Rosnay chose Vitalic--but not before adding a little something extra to his answer.

He goes on to mention that “Guetta made a strange choice releasing really, really good music under fake names.” Based upon his nervous, looking-over-his-shoulder body language, in may have been a statement in which De Rosnay released more info than he intended.

Guetta is one of the highest-paid DJs and frequently ranks high on of many top 100 DJ lists. His tracks have topped Billboard charts and he has collaborated with big names across all genres—most recently teaming up with Afrojack and Ester Dean (“Another Life”); Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj (“Light My Body Up”); and Justin Bieber (“2U”).

Major mainstream success has pulled Guetta away from the core electronic scene, and perhaps explains the alias he may (or may not have) employed to share his new, and presumably more experimental, music.

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