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EDM.com Spotlight

Major Lazer Drops Music Video For Hit Song "Know No Better" [WATCH]

If you haven’t heard Major Lazer’s latest track “Know No Better” then you are missing out. “Know No Better” features the very sexy Camila Cabelo and the rap phenom Travis Scott in a dance track that is bound to make your feet move and your heart groove. By incorporating a caribbean style dance focused beat, Major Lazer uses classic keyboard plucks off a triplet feel that has now become a standard in dance rhythm. One thing that noticeably stands out in the mix is the catchy drop. Major Lazer drop incorporates vocal chops with a super side chained keyboard pluck with a pounding kick that really gets the feet thumpin. Travis Scott has a segment all to himself that definitely adds color and variety to the straight pump of the overall definition of the track. His style of lyricism becomes more defined by the change up where the mix turns hiphop by adding trap hats and 808’s to where the bridge in a song would normally be. Overall the record itself is solid and a great dance tune that definitely needs a listen to.

With all good hits, normally a video follows suit. Anything that's tied with Diplo comes a very thought provoking visual that gets your emotions stirring.

The music video introduces a child who fantasizes about the future - a day dreamer. He’s misunderstood, that can be very relatable to a creative. The child goes through many situations that can occur during the normalcy of a young student's life. I can easily compare my life to the child who has big dreams, living a double life in the visage of his own mentality.

I appreciate a video that respects us as intellectuals. Instead of shoving features and women in your face, you actually get a signified story that comes out to help explain the meaning of the record in a deeper and mental fashion. Hats off to Diplo and Major Lazer for not only bringing a great track to the table but a huge sense of style.