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EDM.com Spotlight

Hardwell Debuts KSHMR’s Insane New Track [LISTEN]

KSHMR’s discography gets better and better with each track he releases.

This time is no different for house legend. Hardwell debuted the new track on his radio show, Hardwell On Air, on July 14th. Fans immediately began to rip it and put it up on streaming services like SoundCloud and YouTube.

We all know KSHMR is an insanely talented artist, stunning us with consistently well constructed tracks. Each more magnificent than the last, hits like “Secrets”, “Voices”, and “Mandala” are continuously featured in sets at every festival. “Kolkata” will be no different. Once again, KSHMR captures our attention with his India-inspired sound that’s sure to keep crowds jumping up and down until the sun comes up. While it isn’t officially released yet, you can find it below before it gets taken down:

Currently, there’s no official release date, but we’re already getting impatient. Check out the rest of KSHMR’s tunes here.