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EDM.com Spotlight

Is EDC Las Vegas Preparing For Big Changes?

According to livestream on his Instagram, EDC founder Pasquale Rotella announced some big changes to Electric Daisy Carnival, although he hasn’t said what those changes could be.

On the other hand, in the interview with Las Vegas Review Journal, Rotella hinted a change in dates :

“I’ve explored lots of date options, but no decision has been made. We could end up on the same date in June, but we’re exploring the possibility of moving.””

Earlier rumors said that festival would be moved to Memorial Day weekend in 2018. Last few years saw festival dealing with extremely high temperatures, causing visitors to experience dehydration, heatstroke and even death, in a few rare cases, which is one of the main reasons why the most of the festival’s program is scheduled for late night hours.

Date changes could help the festival, but it’s yet to be seen if the change is even possible with the venue’s busy schedule. Las Vegas Speedway is home to two NASCAR Xfinity Series, as well as many other racing events, so it’s yet to see if any changes will be possible.

H/T: DJ Mag