M.A.X & Lloyd - Hubble ft. IMAN

M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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Gabe Rodriguez

Want to Fight off the Digital Invasion With the Power of Vinyl? Check Out This Game

A random little 8-bit adventure emerges from the shadows, attempting to take on the likes of Angry Birds and Bloons Tower Defense. Its one goal? To stop the digital invasion of the dancefloor! That’s right. The app store is hitting rock bottom!

All joking aside, Play Or Die has a fairly unique game concept that pits you (the DJ) against evil USB drives that are flung at you as you defend yourself with the power of vinyl! This game will definitely appeal to those who take the analog side in the digital vs. analog debate that has been raging for a while now. So if you ever find yourself thinking, “I wish I could just throw vinyl at USBs while not breaking the vinyl,” than this game is for you. Be sure to check out the trailer below and download the game from whatever app store you may use!

Gabe Rodriguez Contributing Writer

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