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EDM.com Spotlight

Breaking the Mold - How Slow Magic Creates Unreal Energy to Astound Crowds

With festival season in full swing, it’s time to continue to identify which of those will truly change things up this time around. Of course we’re going to go out of our way to hear a filthy dubstep set, or possible hang out at the mainstage for some commercial house. However, will anyone bend norms and alter what they know has been slaying crowds this year or will we hear the same set for the umpteenth time?

It’s important to identify those who make an attempt to stand out from everyone else, otherwise their talents go without reward and some miss what could be the best set they’ve ever seen. Following the trend of live performance identified here before, we bring you an artist who not only plays a set live, but brings energy like no other and jolts good vibes into all who take part in his experience.

That man is Slow Magic. Donning a tribal mask that shields his day to day identity, Slow Magic transforms his live performance into something extraordinary. While most DJ’s use their stage time to throw down their hottest tunes and feed the crowd what their craving, Slow Magic mixes very little while playing the drums along with his unique and spiritual tracks.

While there’s quite a few artists who take the stage and play music they’ve produced live, Slow Magic takes it up a notch by reinventing the stage dive. Frequently, he storms the crowd and plays his live set completely surrounded by his fans. If this plan fails, he’ll take fans on stage to vibe out. Not only does this create an even more intimate experience for the crowd, it also brings a level of energy that can’t be found anywhere else.

Take a look at the magic:

Accompanying his live performance, Slow Magic’s tracks bring a chill vibe to the audience and manage to keep the crowd enticed throughout his performance. Often citing travel as his main musical inspiration, Slow Magic never fails to provide an interesting beat, with vocal samples and features that soothe the soul and consistently please the listener. While it’s been three years since we’ve seen an album or EP, he’s had plenty of features, remixes, singles, and collabs to keep his fans interested. Notably, he released “So Cute!” with his longtime friend Giraffage last year.

Slow Magic puts on a truly magical performance, and it’s a mistake to miss him if he’s in the area. While his summer schedule is relatively blank, it only means there’s more coming from him soon. Take a peek at his SoundCloud to get more familiar with his music if you aren’t already.