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EDM.com Spotlight

KSHMR Just Announced His Label & Promises A Track A Week From Upcoming EP

Seems like there is no holding back KSHMR. He took the electronic music industry by storm when he first released his track Megalodon back in 2014 on Spinnin' Records & ever since he’s been only going up.

Not only is he an artist in true terms but also a forward thinker, which is the biggest reason why his fans all over the world love him. The LA based producer, originally belonging to Indian background, showcases his culture through his songs which is really prominent in his recent productions and this also helps him to set himself apart. He also released Lessons Of KSHMR a few months ago on Splice, which was really helpful and gave some invaluable insight to the upcoming producers.

KSHMR recently made one of the biggest announcement of his career and we guess It's time for him to be called as a label boss. He just announced his brand new label “Dharma” and this news will bring nothing but joy to producers making music on lines of the label. Not only this but he also announced that he’ll be dropping one track each week from his upcoming EP named “Materia”, with the first track “Festival of Lights” with Maurice West dropping this Friday. Watch the announcement video below:

With all the stuff going on with KSHMR will make his fans nothing but excited. He also recently released his track with Tiesto and dropped an incredible remix of Game Of Thrones theme song. We are super stocked for this next chapter in KSHMR’s career. Get ready for Friday as he’ll be dropping the first track from his “Materia EP”. To stay updated, follow him on his socials.