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SoundCloud's Entire Library Was Downloaded by Someone on Reddit

The past couple of months have been filled with ups and downs for the "YouTube of Music". Reports initially claimed that SoundCloud would shut down in 50 days, until Chance The Rapper (hopefully!) saved the day. With the stream of contradicting reports we've been hearing, it's understandable to be doubtful of SoundCloud's future. What are we going to do if we can't listen to our favorite songs or mixes anymore? It's scary to think that thousands of hours of music could suddenly disappear with no way to recover it.

Enter /u/makemakemakemake. On the DataHorder subreddit, he posted a comment saying he downloaded the entire library. Yes, you read that correctly... the ENTIRE 900TB library. Think about it, that means literally every song on SoundCloud is on one man's hard drive. At 80Gb/s he claimed it took him just one weekend to collect the data.

(Screenshot courtesy of Business Insider)

This does seem like it could just be an internet tall-tale or someone trolling but he even went as far as posting a 100GB file to prove he actually downloaded the library. According to Business Insider, he has no plans to make this available to the public as he claims:

"It'd be quicker to download everything from [SoundCloud] yourself. Only have 10G to where the data is now."

Downloading the entire library of a popular music streaming website used by millions of people around the world...how's that for a weekend project?

H/T: Business Insider