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EDM.com Spotlight

Monstercat's Conro Teases New EP with Debut Track, “Close”

If I had to pick three ways to describe Conro’s music, it would be chill, soulful and full of good vibes. The Canadian producer never fails to deliver a fresh, enlightening track and that trend continues with the debut track off his new EP, “Close”. Conro’s signature synth sound can be heard in the opening seconds of the track as it flows its way to the drop.

One thing I appreciate about the build up of “Close” is Conro’s use of piano to accompany the vocals. Very rarely do producers strip parts of their songs down to only acoustic elements but there are parts of the build up that display an organic composition. This track would be a great candidate for an “acoustic remix” down the road.

The drop section of “Close” is a textbook example of Future Bass done right. Filtered chord progressions matched up with an eccentric use of percussion elements and a pinch of vocals hovering over the music. I’m excited to see what Conro has in store with the rest of his new EP, “Connecting the Dots”. The five track EP has collaborations from other artists like Beckii Power, David Benjamin and Disero.

For those of you wondering, “Connecting the Dots” will be released August 9th. Conro will also be performing at Tomorrowland this Friday so whoever is in attendance should keep your ears open for any potential new tracks played during his set. So what do you guys think? Is “Close” going to be on your next Future Bass playlist?