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EDM.com Spotlight

Nine Inch Nails Are Back With A Rip-Roaring EP and It’s Spectacular

Trent Reznor has done it again, but one must beg the question, when has he never taken NIN to exhilarating new heights and reenergized his fan base? Succeeding the stunning sonic palette of the “Not the Actual Events” EP (which has been presented as the first part of a trilogy and saw Atticus Ross taking a larger role in the group), “Add Violence,” is continuing the industrial rock group’s direction into a more abstract, thematic, electronic wonderland that is constantly underscored by Reznor’s poignant lyricism.

The EP is small in size, sporting only 5 tracks, yet the thought and hard work that was put into each entry is all that matters. The track that stands out among all of them (not to indicate that it’s better in any way) is of course the closing song, “The Background World.” Holding back ever so slightly in the beginning 4 minutes, it slowly evolves into blissful chaos. “Are you sure this is what you want?”, Reznor cries, until eventually we pause and transition into what may alienate many listeners but will just intrigue those that may wonder, what was the artistic purpose behind it? The last 7 minutes and 39 seconds of this track are where the questions will lie, it can be summed up simply as distorted psychosis, as your speakers/headphones will surely cry out as the gnarly, crunching, and grinding instruments devolve into static and white noise, ending suddenly and without warning. This is where the genius and originality of Nine Inch Nails resides. In their ability to experiment and manipulate sound in such a way that something new is always the result.

It’s a solid piece of work that is most obviously spearheaded by the one and only Trent Reznor, but we hear where Atticus Ross is staking a claim in the group as well. Reznor and Ross have worked together on numerous occasions in the past, notably as film music composers where they won the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Original Score for The Social Network, but now that Ross will be a common denominator in NIN, there will be nothing but excitement and anticipation for what they will do next. Without a doubt, we’re in for the ride.

Be sure to check out Nine Inch Nail’s new EP, “Add Violence,” on your streaming services and check out their online store where you can purchase a physical vinyl copy soon!

Watch the music video for their single, “Less Than,” below.