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EDM.com Spotlight

The Cops Couldn't Stop These Raving Hikers [WATCH]

A group called Party4Health invited some locals to “Dance your way up a mountain then party while overlooking our beautiful city”. The idea is to rave and hike at the same time to promote healthy lifestyle. Despite the organization going out of there way to to promote a drug free environment, the police in Vancouver Canada stopped the event from going down.

Party4Health’s website does contain a disclaimer that states "If you are thinking about consuming alcohol or drugs at the Hike Rave, please consider that you could ruin the night for everyone. Alcohol consumption and smoking are illegal and could result in personal injury and wild fires, respectively. These activities could result in an unsafe situation and the event being cancelled". What people were allowed to bring included flashlights, glow sticks, costumes,, food, water etc. The group was being responsible as possible.

The police announced that the event would not take place and they would be waiting at the dedicated meeting location at the base of Mount Seymour to ensure the event would not go down. However, thanks to technology the event did end up taking place in a last minute secret location. Over 60 people showed up to go on a hike rave through the woods Friday night on Vancouver's North Shore. The footage is glorious and goes to show not everyone in the edm scene needs drugs/alcohol to have a good time.

Check out the video below.