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EDM.com Spotlight

Thomas Jack talks about Leaving his Tropical Vibes behind on his new “Versus” EP

Just like our own music taste can change with time, so can that of the artist and their production style. After spending years perfecting the art of tropical house music, Thomas Jack has chosen to dig deeper into his creative mind and tackle an entirely new genre. With inspiration from the ever growing world of electronic music, along with some of his all-time favorite artists, like RY X and The Acid’s, this musician is taking a turn for the dark side.

That’s right, on his newest EP titled “Versus”, this curly haired creator has chosen to break through his boundaries and dive into a darker, hypnotic bass sound with two new tracks titled “Shortline” and “Basic Instinct”. He explains that after experiencing so many different parties, and being part of a genre for so long he felt that it would be a great challenge on his creative mind to tackle something completely different than his norm.

“New styles and sounds are constantly developing my own sound. It's just like how people's taste in music changes over time, it can be the same with producing your own stuff. You want to constantly be evolving, otherwise it gets boring making the same thing over and over again. I think it’s exciting to face the challenges of doing something new and see how it will be received.” – Thomas Jack with Billboard

When asked what deterred him from creating his usual tropical house music, he answered by teasing that “you can’t play the pan flutes for eight hours”. Jack has ultimately ditched the flutes for now and moved on to a more bass infused, whimsical sounding dark house vibe.

"That sound is old and outdated now, and that whole genre went so pop,” he says. “The focus always went to radio, radio, radio. That was never my aim … I think this is all the start of something that will continue to evolve over the next year. I'm looking forward to sharing more releases following Versus. This summer is definitely my time to continue developing into my new sound and really find my groove in the process.” – Thomas Jack with Billboard

Check out The Versus EP below and let us know what you think about the newly introduced Thomas Jack 2.0.

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