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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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REZZ Just Dropped Her Best Single Yet with "Drugs!" [LISTEN]

It's been about a month now since everyone's favorite alien released the news about her debut album, along with a tour to top things off. Following what was arguably the biggest news of her career, Rezz announced that she would be releasing one new single from the album, once a week for four weeks. Finally, after one month (six months in Rezz cult time) her most brutal single ever is here and the real album countdown begins.

The new single is titled "Drugs!" and space mom couldn't have picked a better name. Any Rezz fan will feel right at home with the intro but her and collaborator 13 reach unseen levels of sinister as soon as the beat comes in. At this point most people in the scene either like Rezz or they don't. For those that do, this is the perfect track to hold them over until August 4th when the full album, Mass Manipulation, is released.

Will Shuttleworth Contributing Writer

Here in Boise we might not have the biggest scene, but we can rage with the best of em. If I'm not throwing lights/raging at an event I'm probably snowboarding.