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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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Gabe Rodriguez

The Fan Love for Star Wars Continues to Thrive With This Remix

Coming from YouTube film remixer, Eclectic Method, this remix is most likely different from what you may have heard from past fan entries in that instead of manipulating the actual film music, they took it upon themselves to sample sound effects within the much beloved epic space opera.

The word unique comes to mind when listening to it for the first time as it stands as a testament of where creativity and an imagination can take you. The result may not always be satisfactory, but it can be proclaimed that you took an idea into your hands and did something that no one else has done.

So take a listen for yourself and see what you think about this newest Star Wars remix. Sampling can be a blessing and a curse, simultaneously, and this is something that must always be kept in mind. If you don’t take care of it properly, you may just drive your work into the abyss of YouTube oblivion. Check out the video below!

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