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EDM.com Spotlight

Bixel Boys Member Ian MacPherson Has Decided to Step Down

Unlike other genres of music, EDM is filled with one person projects. All too often, we’re used to one producer creating, marketing and performing their project without anyone else’s help. The “band” mentality is not a common trait amongst most producers/performers in this style of music. With that said, there’s something about projects that have two or more members. Like anything in life, collaborating with other people can bring a creative energy to your project that you wouldn’t have be able to generate yourself. One example of such synchronicity is the Bixel Boys.

The Los Angeles based duo have been putting out tracks on a variety of labels like Armada Music and Dim Mak since 2013. They have also graced the stages of EDC, HARD Summer and many other festival stages since their inception. With that said, it’s unfortunate that I have to share this news. In a recent editorial, Ian MacPherson announces his departure from the Bixel Boys and explains why it was a necessary decision.

Here’s a snippet from MacPherson’s editorial. You can find his full explanation in the link below.

I’ve tried to write this goodbye letter at least 10 times. And every time I struggle finding a single theme to frame my decision to leave Bixel Boys. Not because of a lack of feelings in moving on from a career that has given me so much, but that there are so many. But as I tumble through the different emotions that led to this point, I think the one that sticks out the most to me is growth.

In many ways Bixel Boys (as a brand) is a projection of my entire youth. And while maybe I wasn’t aware of it all the time, so many small experiences I’ve had growing up are embedded into the marks and messaging of Bixel. The riot footage in our visuals from San Francisco when I was in high school; the Raiders logo for my mom’s favorite team; Bixel being a street I worked on, it was all so personal. When I was a kid I dressed in all black, died my hair blonde, pierced my lip and ears, drew tattoo’s on myself until I was old enough to get them. I’d cover my binders and note books with pictures of skulls and sports logos, I’d be in the front row of Taking Back Sunday concerts screaming every word, and jam guitar on my SG with my little brother on drums. This project whether I knew it or not, was an exercise in complete honesty with my younger self. Over the last 4 years I’ve gotten to act like Peter Pan, reveling in the shadow of my youth, getting to see the world, playing Coachella, and discovering a best friend in Rob.

What do you guys think? Do you think MacPherson will come back to the Bixel Boys one day or is this the definite end of a great group?

H/T: EDM Sauce