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Dillon Francis Releases a Spanish Version of “Say Less” [LISTEN]

Dillon Francis is notorious for cranking out hard hitting house tracks that always manage to gain loads of attention.

A few months ago, the American producer teamed up with the talented G-Easy to create their fire single “Say Less”. Since then it’s been viewed well over two million times on youtube, and racked up countless other plays on various streaming sites. Yesterday Francis posted a track titled “No Diga Mas” which sounds oddly familiar when you first hit the play button. Turns out that Dillon Francis recreated his hit track “Say Less” using not only a different vocalist, but also a different language. Yes that’s a right, an all Spanish version of “Say Less”. The song itself is relatively the same but the flow of the vocals definitely adds a unique dynamic to the already energized track.

You can listen to it below and see what you think. Also, don’t forget to follow Dillon Francis on Soundcloud, twitter and any other social media platform.

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