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EDM.com Spotlight

Tomorrowland Unite Stage in Barcelona Catches Fire

Just as the year of festival disasters seems to be getting better, it gets oh so much worse.

Following the Fyre Festival fiasco and DJ Khaled’s shameful EDC performance, Tomorrowland’s Unite Stage has now met a blazing end. Just a couple of hours before Steve Aoki was set to perform, and pyrotechnic malfunction set the left side of the stage ablaze. Soon after, the entire stage was engulfed and festival goers were ushered out of the venue.

Some witnesses stated the stage “just exploded”. Luckily, not a single injury has been reported by all 22,000 attendees who were evacuated. While pyrotechnics are key to almost all festival performances, they rarely end in a disaster like this. Authorities are still investigating the incident, and all festival goers are being asked to head home. Truly a sad day for those in attendence.

H/T: YourEDM