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Jay-Z and James Blake Are Releasing More Music

James Blake and Jay-Z are releasing some "bonus" content from Jay-Z's latest 4:44 album.

Jay-Z recently released his 4:44 album recently. He's received some criticism from a handful of listeners, including from Snoop Dogg. The album is exclusive to Jay-Z's right-intentioned music platform Tidal. "I want to shoot a shout-out to Jay-Z. [He] just dropped another motherf**king hot album, 4:44," states the Dogg in a video. "Y'all gotta explain [the Tidal exclusivity] to me. I went to iTunes looking for his album and couldn't find it."

The entire album was produced by No I.D. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, No I.D. hinted at three bonus tracks that are to be released. "James Blake came in and joined into the process," states No I.D. The tracks don't have a set release date yet. And no one's really sure as to how many James Blake was credited on.

James Blake is an English singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer from London. With his wide array of productions in genres like electronic, R&B, soul, dubstep, and hip-hop, it's safe to say that Blake is a pretty versatile producer. He's work with artists like Brian Eno, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, Beyonce, and Vince Staples. He also received his second Grammy Award nomination at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards for Best New Artist.

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