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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Deadmau5 Preview New Heavy Track, "Midas's Heel" Via Stream

When it comes to teasing brand new music and being a major troll, deadmau5 is a total expert.

After teasing on Instagram what sounds like a vibey, 80's synth-work last week, the mau5trap head is back with a brand new banger.

The unreleased track is titled "Midas's Heel" and was extensively previewed during his livestream on Twitch some days ago. With a runtime of 6-minutes by now, the heavy production alternates between a dark beat over crunchy basslines and a melodic string section. Let's hope it gets released soon!

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deadmau5 - in classic deadmau5 fashion - also didn't miss the chance to troll The Chainsmokers on Twitter, referring to the "Something Just Like This" lyric "Achilles and his gold".

In Ancient Greek Mythology, Achilles' only weak spot was his heel, and Midas' touch could turn everything to gold, so there you have it: "Midas's Heel".

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