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Festival Headaches Continue, This Time At the Glastonbury Festival

The Independent recently revealed a very intriguing story coming from Somerset, more specifically from the Glastonbury Festival, “Glastonbury Festival hired hundreds of workers from across Europe on zero hours contracts and then fired them after just two days, The Independent can reveal.”

Workers were coming from countries such as Spain and Poland, expecting two weeks of paid employment only to be laid off in huge quantities. The biggest reason seems to be that there were already many volunteers on site as well as litter crews while the festival was going on which of course meant less to do for the roughly 700 people expected to show up to work.

However, more trouble started when some of the laid off workers asked to be fed. There was much resistance from the festival with one supervisor even stating on camera, “‘Everyone is on a zero hours contract. We have no commitment to feed these people, they’re on paid jobs, their job is over… I don’t think it is the responsibility of Glastonbury or anyone else to feed these people. They are responsible adults who can feed themselves… no one is stopping them from leaving the farm to get food.’”

This situation has also been an embarrassment for the founder of the festival, Michael Eavis, who was on stage with Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party in the U.K., a week before at the festival’s Pyramid stage. Furthermore, it is terribly ironic that the speech given by Corbyn, addressed issues with immigration and foreign workers and how young people shouldn’t feel uncertain of their futures.

Regardless of how you look at the situation, it can be said that, if anything, the festival didn’t handle these workers properly nor did they truly look at how many workers they actually needed for clean up, before they brought 700 people over to work. So what do you think of the situation at the Glastonbury Festival? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out the original story, here.

H/T: The Independent