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Moroccan Festival MOGA Held in the Real Life Game of Thrones City Announces 2017 Edition

There's a party going on in the real-life King's Landing. Whether you're a human, a dragon, a white walker, or a giant; everyone is invited to join in on the fun! MOGA Festival is making its grand return with its second outing this fall. The festival will be held in the port city of Essaouira from October 12-15.

There will be stages scattered all throughout the city and Essaouira, Morocco will be transformed into a multi-stage venue for MOGA. In addition to the traditional music festival stages, there will be beachside and poolside stages to help deliver the perfect festival experience. Combining futuristic techno music and the old architecture of the venue, you might feel like you're traveling through time. In MOGA Festival's own words:

"Techno and digital experimentation find a striking counterpoint in Essaouira's traditional setting, bringing new and old together in a way that Morocco does so well."

The lineup has not yet been announced, but you can check out the 2016 after-movie below to see what MOGA is all about! Maybe we'll even see Hodor take the stage at King's Landing!

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