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Ryan Jacobs

Newly Launched WARM App Helps Artists Monitor Radio Airplay

For years it has been difficult for artists to track their airplay on the radio worldwide. A new application aims to provide transparency to bands and artists alike.

WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) monitors over 21,000 radio stations in more than 100 different countries worldwide. WARM collects accurate real-time data and creates reports detailing the specifics of an artist’s radio presence. Geographical maps, push notifications and downloadable reports make the service a valuable asset to industry representatives and fanatics alike.

“We live in an information society, yet most of the data on radio plays are hidden to individual artists. Our mission is to provide these insights to local musicians, empowering them with true transparency. No other service covers more stations than us.” Jesper Skibsby, Founder & CEO at WARM.

WARM was launched in April of 2017 and already has more than 1000 subscribers from around the world.

Visit the WARM website at to test the product for free using promotional code “warm” at checkout.

Ryan Jacobs Contributing Writer

20-year-old music fan and wannabe DJ from Portland, Oregon.